Gonzalo Noqué

Domenico Codispoti delves deep behind the notes.

“Italian pianist Domenico Codispoti delves deep behind the notes on the page, and enhances each one’s introspective temperament and persona. From the deep melancholy of No. 6 Lento assai, to the exhilaration of No. 16 Presto con fuoco and the all-out rage of No. 22 Molto agitato (audio clip below), Codispoti, whilst always maintaining a

in the best possible Eudora engineer.

“González has more to offer. He adds subtle articulation and moderate dynamics to the undulating textures of Bach’s creative “weaving, spinning and spinning voices”, captivating the attention of an audience with his gentle and elegant style.Why not put your faith in the artist impressions, served by Pedro Mateo González in the rich acoustics of the

Veneración por cada sonido.

“[…] se aprecia en las primeras notas el estilo preciso y elegante del intérprete […] El disco […] crea una atmósfera de recogimiento propiciada por una magnífica interpretación, que se aprecia en la atención a los detalles y la veneración por cada sonido.”

Lección de musicalidad.

“Las firmas de Chaikovski y Shostakóvich cobran en la interpretación del Trío Arriaga una colosal talla. […] En suma, lección de musicalidad por el Trío Arriaga.”

A treasure.

“Susana Gómez Vázquez illuminates these piano pieces with a scintillating beauty, each carefully shaped and presented like jewels on velvet cushions. Both the performances and the recorded sound quality, in Pure DSD256, are a treasure.”

This SACD is essential.

“The label Eudora is never more inspired than when it highlights Spanish guitarists, such as Pedro Mateo Gonzalez. […] With virtuosity at each moment at the heart of a most rigorous musical discourse, Pedro Mateo Gonzalez truly transcends the works played, and takes them to the limits of resonances and tangible silence. In an exemplary

Sencillamente ideal.

“Interpretado con criterio interesante, fuerza, un buen rango dinámico, una pulcritud extrema y un sonido muy hermoso, para mí sencillamente ideal. […] Detrás de las ideas portentosas dispuestas por Bach, hay un intérprete… que respira, vive y da vida y sonido a esas ideas. Con total naturalidad. Esta es la palabra: la interpretación de Pedro

Mario Mora

Mario Mora, pianist, teacher and communicator, has been hailed as “an excellent pianist” (Roberto San Juan, Mundo Clásico) and “a rising star of the piano who is already a brilliant soloist” (G. García-Alcalde, La Provincia). He has also been praised for the “sensitivity and mastery of his playing and phrasing” (Cristina Rodríguez, Docenotas), with one critic

Lorenzo Meseguer

Professor of cello at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León in Salamanca, Lorenzo Meseguer combines his teaching activity with his performing career. He is currently a member of the prestigious City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra as well as the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble in Freiburg. Born in Murcia , he earned a place at

Greatly impressed.

“Trio Arriaga must have put their entire heart and soul into this reading, and the result is most disturbing in all its expressions. From the eerie, desolate start, the nervosity in the ‘Allegro con Brio’ (and virtuoso it is), via the ‘tristesse’ in the third, to the brooding outcry and subsequent resilience in the final

Domenico Codispoti

Biography “One of the finest young concert pianists I know. He has superb technical command, exceptionally fine taste in his interpretations, impressive maturity”. These were the words of György Sándor after awarding Domenico Codispoti with the First Prize at the Pilar Bayona International Piano Competition in Zaragoza, Spain, which marked the beginning of his international

Interpretaciones maravillosas.

“Completan este retrato del Alma Eslava otras dos piezas singulares: Pohádka (Cuento de hadas), fechada en 1910, de Leos Janácek, obra de exótica y compleja sonoridad; y la brahmsiana monumental Sonata para violonchelo y piano en Si menor opus 8 escrita en 1899 por un jovencísimo Ernst von Dohnányi. Interpretaciones ambas —por qué no insistir

Un disco que no puedes dejar pasar sin conocer.

“La interpretación es realmente emocionante, para gozarla, y conocer un repertorio totalmente absorbente. Contribuye una toma de sonido magnífica de Gonzalo Noqué. Un disco que no puedes dejar pasar sin conocer y un dúo que habrá que seguir de cerca.”

Penetrating readings.

“Trío Arriaga plumb these depths with a brilliant elegance and blending of tone, power and dynamic contrasts. In the first movement, the weight, texture, power, and timbral complexity of Daniel Ligorio’s piano is captured superbly in all the dynamic glory of which this superb Steinway is capable. […] Of the other modern performances I’ve heard

Trío Arriaga

When the Trío Arriaga perform, the careers of three internationally renowned soloists converge. As well as appearing together at the major European festivals, its individual members have worked with virtually every Spanish orchestra and some of the finest orchestras elsewhere in Europe. Their acclaimed solo recording projects, amounting to more than 25 albums, some for

Fascinant voyage.

“Il a encore raffiné la palette des pianissimos, la luminescence du clavier, le creusement des silences, les échos debussystes, les ondes mystérieuses que prolonge une pédale économe. […] Fascinant voyage initiatique dans la psyché de Mompou, qui se prolonge dans le Cantar del Alma, amorce du cycle.”

Deeply communicative performances.

“They rise to the considerable technical and artistic challenges of three pieces and deliver deeply communicative performances that I will return to many times. […] in the hands of these superb performers it feels like the culmination of a most satisfying recital.  Overall a thrilling debut for this outstanding cellist and an excellent follow up by

Quite remarkable.

“[…] with the reality of Gonzalo Noqué’s superlative engineering […] the performance leaves much of the competition in its wake. […] Rarely heard and rarely played, this little gem comes to life in and under the hands of Fernando Arias & Noelia Rodiles. […] Fernando Arias was able to build tension, and hence captivate the

Mind blowing sound? You bet!

“Thanks to a well-balanced programme, composed by Ona Cardona and Josep Colom, the listener can indulge in deliciously cooked spiritual food for the soul. […] Mind-blowing sound? You bet! Gonzalo Noqué’s sound wizardry is maybe as usual to him, as it is unusual for the average MP3 listener. […]There is no better tonic to recover

Do yourselves a favour and get to know Josep Colom’s outstanding new account of Mompou’s inscrutable masterpiece.

“The engineers at the audiophile Spanish label Eudora have realised sonics of extraordinary refinement. Colom’s 1957 Steinway D instrument has been captured to perfection in what sounds like a glorious acoustic over in Zaragoza. This crystalline sound picture enables the listener to marvel at Colom’s nuanced, fastidiously manicured yet paradoxically instinctive response to Mompou. […]

Ona Cardona

Ona Cardona is a sensitive musician who combines solo performance and chamber music, enjoying a wide repertoire from classicism to contemporary premieres. She has performed at the main Spanish halls, such as Palau de la Música and L’Auditori de Barcelona, Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, Fundación Juan March, Palau de la Música de València, Auditorio de

Lecturas realmente inspiradoras.

“[…] sorprenderá por unas lecturas realmente inspiradoras […]. […] Javier Laso ofrece una versión clara, llena de expresividad y sensibilidad, de sutilezas y colores y que parece surgir de la misma inspiración del momento. […] La versión del pianista incluye desde momentos explosivos y brillantes, llenos de apasionamiento -como el número 8 o el 4- hasta

Fernando Arias

Winner of such prestigious competitions such as the Concurso Permanente de JJMM (Jeunesses Musicales Spain) and Barcelona’s “Primer Palau”, cellist Fernando Arias is one of the foremost Spanish musicians of his generation. An enthusiastic chamber player, he works with partners such as Seth Knopp, Antje Weithaas, David Kadouch, Rainer Schmidt, Karl Leister, Peter Frankl, Donald

Josep Colom is one of the best interpreters to go for.

“Do take my word for it: In this kind of repertoire, Josep Colom is one of the best interpreters to go for, and not only for Mompou fans but also for all those new to this composer. […] And the sound? Need I say more than that Gonzalo Noqué always goes for the best and

Colom finds the right balance!

“Josep Colom plays them not only meditatively, but actually cares for everything that this music needs, the tonal purity that had marked Mompou due to the bells he had heard in his childhood, the many nuances, colorful and dynamic, and above all, the poetry. […] Colom finds the right balance!”

The sound is an overload on the senses, almost a delirium.

“The sound of the Eudora Steinway […] is an overload on the senses, almost a delirium. […] Javier Laso is extraordinarily sensitive to all the nuances of feeling. […] I think these are extremely accomplished readings of what might be the finest Piano Sonata of all time […].”

Sympathetic partners.

“Joaquín Riquelme and Enrique Bagaría are sympathetic partners exploring the music selected for this album. Both bring great expressive capabilities to their instruments, both approach the music with a deeply intelligent contemplation of what they seek to communicate. Their instruments are played with a richness of timbre that Gonzalo Noqué captures perfectly—resonate, slightly dark, fully

Remarkable playing.

“[…] his overall approach sounds free of restraints and fresh, as if improvised in the moment. […] Remarkable playing filled with individual insights.”

Susana Gómez Vázquez

Since her debut in 2006 at the National Auditorium of Music in Spain, Susana Gómez Vázquez has revealed herself as one of the young pianists with the greatest projection on the music scene today. Her performances are spread all over Europe and Latin America, in venues such as the Auditorio Nacional de Música, Wigmore Hall,

Deux musiciens inspirés.

“Une petite heure de musique donc avec deux musiciens inspirés (Joaquin Riquelme et Enrique Bagaria) qui mettent ici leur rigueur et leur passion au service de partitions immortelles. Bref, invitation au mélomane pour un programme des plus convaincants.”

Riquelme y Bagaría: pura clase.

“Riquelme deja constancia de su evidente clase artística y virtuosística en este cedé todo él valioso […]. El [sonido] de Riquelme es, además, brillante, diverso y penetrante. Intensamente melodioso. Íntimo y extravertido a un tiempo. Características que combina con un virtuosismo que es expresión y estilo. […]El piano coprotagonista y cómplice -en absoluto acompañante- de

As lovely a piano recording as we are ever likely to hear.

“His approach is direct, non-fussy, highly sympathetic. He shares this music as if it is pouring from his soul. […] As lovely a piano recording as we are ever likely to hear. Javier Laso gives us superb performances of two great works of the piano literature. And Gonzalo Noqué, producer and chief recording engineer for

A particularly successful recital.

“[…] Virtuosity and passion in addition to simplicity and contemplation are the core elements. […] Fortunately, his quest for originality does not lead to excesses, the tempos are well chosen and the line of reasoning demonstrating great expressive flexibility is absolutely convincing. And all this contained in a pleasant sound palette that also does justice

Plenty of personal conviction.

“Both performed by Laso with precision and pianistic honesty. […] I find his interpretation effective, close to the score, whilst displaying plenty of personal conviction. […] Javier Laso’s debut release with Eudora records is crowned with a most respectable reading of Schumann’s Davidsbündlertänze at par with other available prime choices, but recorded at the best

Mi recomendación más entusiasta para un disco que da valor y refuerza la posición de nuestros músicos.

“Hace unos años habría parecido una utopía poder grabar un programa de gran repertorio con dos músicos españoles, para una discográfica española, y ofrecer un producto de tanta calidad interpretativa y tan bien grabado. […]Riquelme exhibe un bello sonido con gran capacidad para el matiz junto a un Bagaría brillante, preciso y atento. […]Mi recomendación

Cecillia Lavilla Berganza

I was fortunate to be born immersed in Music, surrounded by its beauty and excellence. Hence my passion for dance, theater and arts, all present in my training, full of wonderful experiences. Interior design studies led me to “earn a living” in my youth and learn more about arts. With a little more maturity I

Una interpretación llena de sensualidad.

“Gaëlle Solal consigue una interpretación llena de sensualidad […] y hedonismo en la paleta sonora, con lecturas que están imbuidas de un aire de improvisación y que ejecutadas con un punto de rubato sensual y una variedad de colores te atrapan.”

Riquelme’s account renders full justice.

“Joaquín Riquelme’s account renders full justice to the sadness Brahms must have felt at the end of his life[…]. […] full of lyrical hurdles, jumped by Joaquín Riquelme with ease and enthusiasm to conclude an hour of excellent and intellectual viola music.”

Sonido cristalino y musicalidad.

“La guitarra de Gaëlle Solal nos lleva de la mano por Brasil […]. Su sonido cristalino y su musicalidad nos conducen a su antojo y nos atrapan suavemente de principio a fin […].”

Tempérament de feu.

“[…] ce disque dessine avece tendresse le portrait du Brésil de Villa-Lobos et plonge au coeur de paysages lointains […]”

Javier Laso

I was born in Fribourg (Switzerland) in 1975 and began my special relationship with music at an early age: my grandmother, Sara Guzmán, was a concert pianist and composer and taught my father to play. I spent my musical childhood practising and improvising with him. It was during those years that I learned the most

Gaëlle Solal enthousiasme aussi bien par l’originalité des arrangements que par la qualité du jeu.

“Gaëlle Solal enthousiasme aussi bien par l’originalité des arrangements que par la qualité du jeu dont le moins qu’on puisse dire est qu’il communique sa passion pour ces musiques. Une manière aussi bien racée que policée que met en valeur l’immédiateté de l’instrument tel que saisi dans l’ambiance flatteuse de l’Auditorio San Francisco d’Ávila.”

Le coup de cœur de ce début d’année.

“Bien éloigné de l’image caricaturale que la musique brésilienne pourrait faire imaginer à des oreilles européennes, c’est avec finesse et intelligence qu’elle intègre dans son jeu de guitariste classique, le son rythmique si caractéristique de la guitare brésilienne, élargissant par cette influence la dynamique et les couleurs de ses interprétations pleines de vie et d’authenticité.”

Hers is not typical generic guitar playing.

“It’s clearly obvious that guitarist Gaëlle Solal is well aware that good musicianship entails more than simply plucking strings on a guitar. Her playing is characterized by a constant and organic expressive undercurrent which indicates that an insightful human being is behind the instrument.”

Gaëlle Solal

Born into a music-loving family, Gaëlle Solal discovered the classical guitar at the age of five and began studying at the Marseille Conservatoire the following year. At just sixteen she took up a place at the Paris Conservatoire. As a little girl she’d written in a notebook, “When I grow up, I want to be

Muy buena grabación.

“Un pianismo muy fresco y moderno el suyo. Un disco valioso, que ofrece lo antiguo y lo moderno en las mejores condiciones. Muy buena grabación.”

Colom’s Liszt is a triumph.

“[…]Colom performs wonders with the pianissimo passages, coaxing out serene contemplation simultaneously with the demand for alertness to whispered messages. […]the dynamics are terrific throughout from the loudest clatter to a hushed almost cathedral conciliation at the end. […]In short, Colom’s Liszt is a triumph. Eudora has delivered another superb disc which should find a

Le chant intérieur de Josep Colom.

“Josep Colom displays a deep and strong conviction throughout this course which contains its share of shadows and lights […]. […] Josep Colom assumes the fullness of the sound of his Steinway with noble phrasing, an expression that combines a desire for meditation like an immersion in fiery, vehemence and l ‘intensity.”

The result is astonishing and remarkable.

“73-year-old Spanish pianist Josep Colom has confided his mature view of the two B minor sonatas by Chopin and Liszt to the microphones. […]Nothing seems artificial, nothing is researched in a musical flow that the listener follows spellbound. […]Colom takes us into such a gripping atmosphere. Only a few artists succeed in preserving this authenticity.

Un disco para conocer y disfrutar en una grabación sobresaliente.

“Colom hace una lectura refinada, idiomática, llena de intensidad expresiva, pero bien equilibrada. […]Hay dramatismo y temperamento, pero sobresale especialmente en una seductora calidez, claridad de texturas, trabajo de voces interiores, así como en un rubato nada excesivo. […]Hay en esta lectura una profunda comprensión musical, con dosis de drama, grandeza, convicción, músculo y poesía.”

Colom shows maturity and luminous vision.

“With Colom one isn’t even aware of such hurdles. He doesn’t seek to impress for the sake of it. […] Colom shows maturity and luminous vision. He clearly feels that he doesn’t have to prove anything. […] Of both Sonatas, Josep Colom brings well-considered, personal views in the ring […].”

Su refinado pianismo fluye con naturalidad.

“Rodiles es capaz de captar y traducir con esmerado trazo toda la frescura y el encanto melódicos de una sucesión de danzas como es Papillons op. 2 de Schumann, el universo expresivo de las sinceras y emotivas Lieder ohne Worte (Canciones sin palabras) op. 30 de Mendelssohn y la sencillez mozartiana del Adagio en sol

Una de las mejores músicos y pianistas de la actualidad

“La pianista Noelia Rodiles comparte del mismo modo en su interpretación algunas de las cualidades que le permiten ser distinguida como una de las mejores músicos y pianistas de la actualidad, destacando de forma permanente tanto una profunda sensibilidad como un exquisito cuidado en el tratamiento de todas las sonoridades, las texturas y los planos

Rodiles es una artista de sensibilidad contrastada

“Rodiles es una artista de sensibilidad contrastada, sutil, de toque etéreo pero seguro, que logra insuflar personalidad sin amaneramiento a las obras románticas del álbum y, sobre todo, demuestra una singular afinidad con el repertorio contemporáneo, haciéndolo cercano y emotivo.”

An idiomatic and distinct sensitivity

“It is clear that Noelia is a competent pianist, having an idiomatic and distinct sensitivity for Old and New, with light and technically mature toucher, quite apt for the works she has commissioned.[…] The icing on the cake comes from Gonzalo Noqué, the producer that has engineered so many exquisite recordings, using the latest techniques

Accomplished and colourful

“Accomplished and colourful [performances]. […] The opening figure finds Iturriagagoitia in full ecstatic Strauss mode, while Bagaría brings a pleasing touch of richness to the piano part here.”

Rodiles evokes a fantasy world

“[…] In all these pieces Rodiles evokes a fantasy world that also means a deeply layered tribute to her homeland […] Two more important things: the formidable recording and the piano tuned to the tiniest detail.”

Rotundo y elegante

El violinista Aitzol Iturriagagoitia y el pianista Enrique Bagaría se han juntado para abordar tres grandes sonatas […]. El disco […] es rotundo y elegante […].

Una verdadera referencia discográfica de estas obras

“La interpretación comprende esta esencia mediante una equilibrada conjunción camerística, destacando la luminosidad del timbre de un piano adecuado a un violín que alterna una conmovedora gama de colores desde lo sentimental hasta lo contemplativo. […] El inconmensurable despliegue de demandas técnicas y recursos idiomáticos se encuentra abordado de forma magistral […]. Una verdadera referencia

Noelia Rodiles

“A pianism as delicate as affirmative: the sense of measure in the perfection of the nuance.”   “A pianism as delicate as affirmative: the sense of measure in the perfection of the nuance.”   Santiago Martín Bermúdez, El arte de la fuga Her musical career includes performances at the principal Spanish concert halls, from the Madrid Auditorio

The audio recording itself sets a natural soundstage

Spanish violinist Aitzol Iturriagagoitia enhances the diverse nature of these three disparate works, not only by capturing their highly individual character, but also by applying his own array of tones and colours to certain passages, stressing either the inherent gypsy elements of one or the highly aesthetic confidence of another. Pianist Enrique Bagaria consistently provides

Rediscovering Beethoven through Josep Colom

“This long speech is rich with emotions with a magnificent technique. Beethoven is rediscovered through Josep Colom. The sound […] is simply beautiful and no note comes crashing to your ear as is sometimes heared on piano recordings.”

Of exemplary rigor

The performances of these three works by Aitzol Iturriagagoitia on the violin and Enrique Bagaria on the piano, is of exemplary rigor, with the proper breath, committed and fervent.

An enlightening performance

What a mastery, what a compelling violinist Aitzol is […]. An enlightening performance, revealing the depths of the true meaning as expressed by the composer […]. Aitzol can proudly stand up with great personal satisfaction to a few of the best accounts around, displaying a large degree of understanding of the different moods between anxiety,

Un bello lenguaje que habla unificado

La comprensión musical y el asentamiento de las ideas musicales, casado de una deslumbrante dominación de la técnica del instrumento, derivan en lo que Animacorde plasma sobre la madera: un bello lenguaje que habla unificado. Es asombroso cómo la guitarra baila con el violín, perfectamente diferenciadas sus voces, magistralmente unidas, desinteresadamente conversando, un claro ejemplo

Aitzol Iturriagagoitia

A prize-winner in the Henryk Wieniawski (Lublin) and European Broadcasting Union competitions, he has performed as soloist with the Orquesta Nacional de la República Dominicana, Vogtland Philarmonie, Mittelsächsischen Philharmonie, Joven Orquesta de Euskadi, Orquesta Sinfónica de Bilbao, Orquesta Sinfónica de Euskadi and Orquesta de Cámara Reina Sofía, with such eminent conductors as Yehudi Menuhin and Lorin Maazel.

Una gran sensibilidad artística

La versión que aquí escuchamos no deja indiferente a nadie. […] Nos encontramos ante una reinterpretación de estas obras cumbre de la literatura pianística en las que Colom muestra una gran sensibilidad artística.

Lecturas imbuidas de alquimismo sonoro

[…] La calidez de su sonido permite una visión más lírica y poética, de colores matizados […] y sobresale en los momentos más introspectivos, donde se convierte en un verdadero alquimista del sonido. […] la Arietta con que cierra el disco es realmente sublime. […] Se trata de un disco que refuerza la posición del

An entertaining and informative programme

The programme is plentiful in length and variation. […]Both players were using the acoustic for shaping their tonal output, much like the practise of opera singers interacting with their auditoria. Very good chamber music players do the same when the acoustics allow it. […] This is an attractive programme in an acoustic which makes you

Take your time and enjoy

Once again, I was amazed to discover talent I wasn’t aware of. […] The music they play on this Super Audio debut disc is a varied summary of their repertoire, covering compositions from Paganini’s Sonata Concertata MS 2 to Ibert’s short Entr’acte, the most recent composition of their survey, which will appeal to all lovers

An extraordinarily natural piano sound that audiophiles will envy

Colom has the pianistic skills to bring these sonatas to life. […] He is a lyrical and poetic player who, when need be, can storm the heavens with plenty of power, but he is far from a banger. The recording accommodates his wide dynamic range. […] as nearly 80 minutes of sublime music-making, I’d recommend

Una aportación fundamental

Exhibe una brillantez de matices, colores y contrastes tan fieles al juego antagónico y de ruptura perpetua que persiguió Beethoven al final de su vida y convierten esta nueva entrega suya en una aportación fundamental.

And then again, Eudora’s recording is outstanding

After many hours of listening and comparing I have come to the conclusion that Josep Colom doesn’t fit any of the modern stereotypes. He is different. He very much is his own man. […] [These sonatas] demand years of experience and deep understanding of Ludwig van Beethoven, his inner self, his temperament, moods of desolation

DSD 512, it’s here.

This higher bit rate DSD 512 tracks are pure DSD created by NativeDSD Mastering Engineer Tom Caulfield. They are not up samplings, for there are no PCM or DXD conversions involved in their production. They are re-modulations of the original DSD 256 encoding modulation that produced the DSD 256 releases. The sonic advantage to these


animAcorde was created with the dual intention of exploring the existing repertoire for violin and guitar and commissioning/premiering new works for this enormously versatile and attractive instrumental combination. Returning to primary sources, in order to get as much of an insight as possible into a composer’s original intentions, is central to the duo’s work. animAcorde

Andrés Ortiz

Violinist Andrés Ortiz has given recitals at venues across Europe and the United States. He has made live recordings for Radio Télévision Suisse, WTFM Chicago and the Phillips Collection in Washington, and gave the world premieres of Tomás Marco’s Tapices y Disparates for violin and guitar and Tomás Garrido’s Partita II for solo violin, of

Pablo Rioja

An associate professor at the Federico Moreno Torroba Music School in Madrid, guitarist Pablo Rioja divides his time between his academic work and his performing career. He has given recitals in many different concert halls, in Africa and Asia as well as across Europe. He has made live recordings for Radio Nacional de España, Radio

Herminia Navarro

Particularly interested in Chamber Music, Herminia Navarro has worked with many aggrupations and musicians, such as clarinetists David Salinas and Laura Fernandez Organista, or guitarist Pablo Rioja, with whom she conforms the guitar duo “L’Encouragement”, which tours regularly through Spain. This activity is also held abroad, in countries such as Morocco (Instituto Cervantes in Marrakech

Una joya que no solo atrapará a los amantes de este instrumento

[…] demuestran un gran dominio de su instrumento y una habilidad extraordinaria para expresar las emociones contenidas en cada pieza. el resultado es una grabación excelente, con un sonido suave y equilibrado y con un alto nivel técnico y musical que convierte a 19th Century Guitar Duos en una joya que no solo atrapará a

A very fine concert for lovers of a string chamber orchestra

[Brotons’ concerto] has unusual amounts of melodic emotion and interwoven complex thematic textures. […] Played so powerfully by soloist and orchestra, I am amazed that Brotons’ works are not extensively available on recordings. […] Despite hearing dozens of Tchaikovsky String Serenades in concerts and recordings, I felt that I was hearing it anew, with the

As if the composer himself took a seat behind the grand piano

Even in the tightly lined fugue of op. 110 [Colom] brings another number of special aspects of his imaginative approach into play. It may sound strange, but it is as if the composer himself took a seat behind the grand piano and breathed new life into his music; Colom’s playing is so suggestive.[…] The great

Profundo trabajo intelectual de cada uno de los movimientos

En el Presto agitato con el que concluye la sonata, Valderrama y del Valle tocan con decisión y arrojo, aportando el toque dramático necesario en algunos momentos así como un gran lirismo en otros.[…] en la versión que escuchamos se percibe un cuidado y profundo trabajo intelectual de cada uno de los movimientos.

An absolutely first-rate recording quality

The inclusion of two rarely heard miniatures by these two composers as well as an absolutely first-rate recording quality, should make this release a most attractive proposition even in the crowded market of Brahms and Franck violin sonatas.[…] What Valderrama and Valle bring to this is a certain fiery intensity which underlines the music’s surprising

Una dichosa referencia

Valderrama es un violín esencialmente lírico, de una timbración rica que se ilumina en el agudo y se profundiza en el grave. Su musicalidad es impecable[…] Del valle lo hace con señorío y limpieza, hasta con mimo en la timbración como si las cuerdas de su piano fueran también las del violín de su compañera.

It would be hard to imagine more moving and insightful renditions

This 2018 release features Gallén’s remarkable Paco Marin (2003) 19th century-style instrument which, in a spacious room with lively overtones, yields a sweetness of tone especially in the bright upper register.[…] The finest works on this program are probably the two pieces by Leo Brouwer, Suite No. 2 and Dos temas populares cubanos. The composer

Gallén viene a regalarnos uno de los discos de este año

Gallén […] viene a regalarnos uno de los discos de este año. Grabar un repertorio así, conocidísimo, […] podría no parecer la mejor idea, pero cuando cada cosa que se va haciendo sitúa el ápice de la interpretación un punto por encima de lo ya hecho, el juicio cambia, y que haga lo que quiera.

An essential guitar recording

Ricardo Gallén transcends a musical discourse marked in undeniable technical perfection. Each page played delivers unique beauty, giving birth to more than a simple emotion; a true meditation. Here, once again, is an essential guitar recording.

Gallén’s tone is rich, varied and resonantly beautiful

Gallén’s tone, […] is rich, varied and resonantly beautiful. […] I was also very impressed with his ability to make complex polyphonic passages sound as if several instruments were playing. Even when playing fast, virtuosic passages, he makes a minimum of string whistles or fingerboard noises.

Una cuidada y acertada selección

Colom hace palpable la conexión entre ambos compositores a través de una cuidada y acertada selección […] logrando aportar algo completamente nuevo en una repertorio conocido y familiar.

Again we must salute Eudora for this excellent recording

The listener is invited into the deepest musical thinking by this scrupulous interpreter, but ends up ensorcelled by the pure beauty of the music.[…] It is in the slower pieces, too, that we hear what a majestic instrument this Steinway is, and what an remarkably vivid and detailed recording has been achieved by the sound

Natural spontaneity and deep expressiveness

The result is that the moment you hear Colom playing in his recital, you are astonished by the natural spontaneity and deep expressiveness produced by his subtle and perfectly judged interpretations. Superb pianism deserves recording of the highest quality.[…] Simply, sound is amazingly natural and full of detail […]

This version reveals a world that I did not yet know as such

The fact that it is possible to connect different piano works in such an overwhelming way says something about the quality […] of this performance. I was completely overwhelmed by it and that has not really gotten worse after many listening. For me, this is one of the most beautiful examples of unity through diversity,

This goes right to the top of my Want List. Highly recommended!

This is one of those seemingly rare occurrences where the highest fidelity sound is coupled with outstanding performances. […] The excellent clarity of the sound brings out every strand in the instrumental parts allowing one to hear nuances that are normally hidden. […] These players manage to deliver a performance that never sags and never

El resultado global de la grabación es asombroso

El resultado global de la grabación es asombroso, tanto en su inmediatez como en su energía cruda, con todos los matices apasionados de la visión romántica de Brahms capturados perfectamente. […] Los intérpretes muestran una interacción particularmente sutil entre sus texturas contrastantes de cuerdas y teclado, creando una dinámica compartida que trae las profundidades expresivas

El sonido es magnífico

El sonido es magnífico. Timbres perfectos, dinámicas poderosas sin exageración, y un gran equilibrio entre las voces de los solistas.


Here we hear an ensemble that has grown completely with Brahms’ piano quartets and has created a performance in which […] the layeredness of this music seems effortless. […] The recording is warm and clear, leaving no detail unexposed. Magnificent.

An exemplary recording for a Piano Quartet!

I heartily suggest you acquire the double SACD and enjoy the best of Late Romantics. […]Without loosing any of its register, the piano sounds marvellous, all the timbres collected by the DSD256 and balanced so that even at the loudest sound required by Brahms, the recording technician never lets the piano overcome the strings. The

Energetic and flawless

Morelló’s mastery of the flute demonstrated thoughout the album is energetic and flawless, and it perfectly illustrates the requisite virtuosity and dynamic emotion for this genre.

Ambitious program

Ambitious program, perfectly defended by flute player Vicent Morello and pianist Daniel del Pino, deploying energy at every moment […]

This is a recording for the ages

In short, Petrit Ceku has delivered a stunning performance of these shape-shifting works. These arrangements are a revitalization of the genius of Bach as a living tradition. The engineers have created a sound image that is life-like, immediate and deeply pleasing. This is a recording for the ages.

Technically perfect

This is a performance of a very high level, technically perfect, with great rhetorical skills and a deep understanding of the structure of this music.

I have already put this 2-disc album into my list of Records of the Year

Çeku’s playing […] gripped me from his first few bars. His obvious love for Bach’s music brings a self-effacing purity of tone from his six-string guitar; gracious, elegant, endearing, with perfect control of dynamics […].  Çeku’s […] flying fingers of virtuosity and clear fluidity of thought sound almost as if all the Six Suites were

Very likeable performances, superbly recorded

As expected the Eudora recording is wonderfully detailed and airy, its timbres true.[…] If you’re serious about your Haydn Bagaría’s four sonatas are well worth acquiring. Sonically, […] Eudora’s up-to-the-minute DSD original is streets ahead of the otherwise decent BIS and Hyperion issues.

A buoyant Haydn recital

[…] not a bit of this intricate business slips from Enrique’s prodigious hands. There is some virtuosity in both of the remaining prestos, but even here, the emphasis is on the little surprises, spirited gestures, and tonal command of the instrument.[…] This SACD will confirm that the engineers at this label have achieved some rare

A real musical adventure

Bagaria presents a very revolutionary, energetic and dynamic Haydn. […] Thanks to an excellent surround recording technique the listener experiences a real musical adventure.

Bagaría nos sumerge en el mundo de Haydn con un gusto admirable

Bagaría nos sumerge en el mundo de Haydn con un gusto admirable. Su sonido es transparente y su expresividad alcanza momentos de gran belleza […] El fraseo está muy bien construido y los pasajes rápidos son interpretados con mucha maestría. Se trata de un claro ejemplo de excelente técnica al servicio de la expresión emocional.

Highly recommended

These are very fine renditions of Haydn sonatas, capturing wit and whimsy, characterisation, beautifully nuanced articulation for fluent ornamentation and giving scrupulous attention to Haydn’s frequent changes of dynamics without exaggeration. […] These beautifully polished performances would provide an excellent introduction to Haydn’s extensive list of piano sonatas; there are very few other examples in

A joy from beginning to end

The performers here are sublimely sensitive to Rebay’s musical subtleties, from contrasts of dynamic and the weighing of chords against melodic lines, as well as in the democratic interaction between the instruments, elegantly demonstrated in the guitar’s melodic function in the second Variations movement of the Sonata in C minor. The added ambience of 5.0

Here is one of the best SACDs of the fall 2015

With perfect balance touched by rare delicacy in their playing, José M. Alvarez Losada on the violin, Joaquin Riquelme on the viola, an Pedro Mateo Gonzalez on the guitar make these pieces enchanting at each moment. Let us also praise the sound recording that respects tones in realistic acoustics by which the instruments thrive with

They play with clear commitment, heart and soul

Dankzij deze drie Spaanse pleitbezorgers – ze spelen meer dan voortreffelijk en zetten zich duidelijk met hart en ziel in voor deze muziek – is het bovendien voortdurend genieten geblazen, nog versterkt door de opname die ik wel als een juweeltje wil klasseren. Goed dat deze muziek er is!

A much enjoyable disc!

Ferdinand Rebay had a genuine feeling for the guitar, as one can hear in this beautiful and atmospheric performances of his duo sonatas. A much enjoyable disc!

Not another Mozart Symphony, but a totally new experience. And let me say it straight away: This disk is a wonderful one

[…] his music is thoroughly tonal, rooted in late romantic, melodious expressions. Well structured, sophisticated and refined. […] The viola player here, Joaquín Riquelme, plays with absolute ‘justesse’, which is rare for a viola player. The same applies to the violin of José Manuel Álvarez Losada. […] Revisiting a thus far mostly unknown composer, these

A recital that bridges the aesthetic worlds of Mozart and Chopin

Not only interesting, but also a very personal recording which will guarantee a beautiful and enriching experience to any opened-minded listener. Josep Colom is a veteran Spanish pianist, renowned for his recordings of De Falla, Mompou and Brahms. […] On this recording, he surely enjoys the finest sound engineering of his career as he debuts

Ricardo’s playing sounds effortless and graceful, with elegant phrasing

While there are many recordings of Fernando Sor available, this one really stands out. The works featured are among Sor’s finest concert works; the complete “Sonatas” with all movements – The Grande Sonatas opus 22 & 25, Grand Solo op. 14, and the Sonate op. 15. Ricardo’s playing sounds effortless and graceful, with elegant phrasing,

One of the best guitar recordings of the last years

This SACD’s stunnning sound […] makes it the best recorded one with Fernando Sor’s music. […] The performance is so intense, so beautiful […] that places Sor in the forefront of the plucked string repertoire of his time […] One of the best guitar recordings of the last years.

Gallén create layers of sonority that are consistently captivating.

[…] this is very good music, and it’s extremely well played by Gallén. The Sonata Op. 25, which has four big movements (the first of them slow and brooding), manages to convey a remarkable degree of contrapuntal interest, and Gallén has the admirable ability to differentiate melody, accompaniment, and inner parts in such a way

This SACD is a small miracle many will hold on to jealously

First, let us salute the arrival of the Spanish label Eudora to the classical music field. In a layout that is both sober and elegant, the label proposes a DSD recording of the Sonatas for Guitar by Fernando Sor (1778-1839). […] Ricardo Gallén literally embraces these Sonatas in a musical flow of extreme sensibility, offering

David Apellániz

Cellist David Apellániz has appeared as soloist with the Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla, Lisbon’s Orquestra Gulbenkian, the Orchestre National de Lyon, Orquestra de València and Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona at some of the music world’s most prestigious events and venues, including the Salzburg and Lyon festivals, the Berlin Konzerthaus and the Quincena Musical Donostiarra (San Sebastián Musical Fortnight). He is also regularly invited to appear as guest principal with the Orquestra de València, Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra and Orquestra de Cadaqués, among others.

Josep Colomé

Born in Sabadell in 1979, violinist Josep Colomé began his musical studies with his father at the age of four. At eighteen, he graduated with honours from Barcelona’s Liceu Conservatory, winning all prizes available to him. He continued his studies at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg with Nicolas Chumachenco, and then at Northern Illinois University (Chicago) with Shmuel Ashkenasi and the Vermeer Quartet.

Víctor del Valle

Víctor del Valle, who enjoys a special connection with the world of chamber music, is involved in active collaboration with various musical groups and soloists. However, his growing prominence on the musical scene is undoubtedly due to his career as a concert pianist together with his brother Luis.

Ana María Valderrama

Since her debut as a soloist with conductor Zubin Mehta at the celebrations concert of the 70th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen of Spain, Ana María Valderrama has established herself as one of the most acclaimed Spanish violinist of the moment.

The Brahms Project

Four of the foremost Spanish musicians of their generation, Josep Colomé, Joaquín Riquelme, David Apellániz and Enrique Bagaría join forces in exploring Brahms’s music.


Herminia Navarro and Pablo Rioja formed the L’Encouragement guitar duo in 2005. Having been friends for some years, they decided to pour their combined professional experiences and musical enthusiasms into performing the extensive and exciting duo repertoire.


The chamber ensemble Cammerata was founded in 2009 and its work has been consistently acclaimed by audiences and critics alike ever since. Its young players, trained at the most prestigious music schools in Europe, approach their work with professionalism and a belief in innovation. All were involved in local youth orchestras in Murcia, and it was this network of connections that led to the formation of the ensemble in 2009.

Daniel del Pino

Spanish pianist Daniel del Pino enjoys an international career that has seen him perform throughout Europe (Paris’s Salle Gaveau, Sofia’s Bulgaria Hall, Bucharest’s Romanian Athenaeum, Seville’s Teatro de la Maestranza, Madrid’s Auditorio Nacional, Bilbao’s Teatro Arriaga, Valencia’s Palau de la Música) as well as in Gabon, Morocco, Tunisia and across the Middle East, and in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Taiwan (Taipei’s National Concert Hall), Japan, Australia and the US (New York’s Carnegie Hall).

Vicent Morelló

Vicent Morelló is principal flute of the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra, a position he has held since October 2007, having previously spent eleven years as a member of the Residentie Orkest (The Hague). He has also appeared with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen; the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Holland Symfonia, Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic and Residentie Bach Ensembles; the Galicia and Castilla y León symphony orchestras, Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, and Comunitat Valenciana Orchestra, among others. He has worked with such eminent conductors as Yevgeny Svetlanov, Neeme Järvi, Paavo Järvi, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Valery Gergiev, Lorin Maazel and Zubin Mehta.

Petrit Çeku

Petrit Çeku’s exquisite sensibility and expressiveness have attracted and engaged audiences worldwide. He has performed many recitals throughout Europe and North America and was a soloist with major symphonic orchestras such as Baltimore Symphony, Czech Chamber Philharmonic, State Hermitage Orchestra of St. Petersburg and Zagreb Philharmonic. He also appears regularly with the famed string ensemble Zagreb Soloists and is a founding member of Guitar Trio Elogio, established in 2008.

Enrique Bagaría

Winner of the María Canals International Piano Competition (Barcelona, 2006), Enrique Bagaría was born in Barcelona in 1978 and graduated in piano from the city’s Conservatorio Municipal. During his undergraduate years he also spent some time at the École Normale Alfred Cortot in Paris. He went on to postgraduate studies at Barcelona’s Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceu, under the supervision of Stanislav Pochekin, and then at Madrid’s Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía, where he worked with Dmitry Bashkirov, Claudio Martínez Mehner and Galina Eguiazarova.

Jonas Nordberg

Swedish lutenist Jonas Nordberg is a graduate of the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg (MA, 2011) and Stockholm’s Royal College of Music. He is in high demand as both a soloist and an ensemble musician, performing music from the early Renaissance to the Romantic era, on a wide range of historical plucked instruments including Renaissance lutes, Baroque lutes and guitars, archlutes, theorbos and early 19th-century guitars.

Joaquín Riquelme

Born in Murcia in 1983, Joaquín Riquelme began his musical education at the Conservatory of Murcia with Pedro Navarro, and Antonio J. Clares, continuing his studies with Emilio Mateu and Alan Kovacs at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid (RCSMM), from which he graduated with honours. He then undertook postgraduate studies with Professor Hartmut Rohde at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin, completing his work there in 2010. He also attended masterclasses given by Hartmut Rohde, Ashan Pillai, Jesse Levine, Nobuko Imai and Jean Sulem, among others.

José Manuel Álvarez

Prize winner of the II International Joaquín Rodrigo Violin Competition (Madrid, 2004), “Primer Palau” International Competition (Barcelona, 2006) and XLI International Course of “Música en Compostela” (Santiago de Compostela, 1998). He also received the Honor Prize of the Ourense Conservatory, two Grand Prizes (in Violin and Chamber Music) at the Barcelona Conservatory and a Postgraduate degree with a final grade of “Distinction” at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria).

Pedro Mateo González

Born in Avila in 1983, he started his musical studies in the Conservatory “Tomás Luis de Victoria”, where he graduated in guitar with Salvador Gómez and composition with Antonio Bernaldo de Quirós and Alejandro Moreno.

Josep Colom

I was born in Barcelona in 1947. Unusually for that period in Spain, music was a big part of our everyday family life, as far back as I can remember. Thanks to this, and the unconditional emotional and financial support I received from my parents, who were not themselves professional musicians, I was able to choose my career path at an early age, and have enjoyed it ever since.

Ricardo Gallén

Ricardo Jesús Gallén García studied guitar and ancient music at the Universities of Salzburg (Mozarteum) and Munich with the Masters Fisk, Eglhuber, Spiri, Gilbert, Huebscher and Clerch.