Press review

«Gallén create layers of sonority that are consistently captivating.»

David Hurwitz, Classics Today

[…] this is very good music, and it’s extremely well played by Gallén. The Sonata Op. 25, which has four big movements (the first of them slow and brooding), manages to convey a remarkable degree of contrapuntal interest, and Gallén has the admirable ability to differentiate melody, accompaniment, and inner parts in such a way as to create layers of sonority that are consistently captivating.

[…] The best place to start may well be the Grand Solo Op. 14, whose 10 minutes flash by in this winsome performance.

The SACD sonics have plenty of presence, and like most guitar solo discs capture lots of squeaky performance noises. I listened in regular stereo–no one needs to hear a lot of squeaky performance noises in surround sound. I know, it comes with the territory. Still, I found this quite enjoyable, and you probably will too.

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