About us

About Eudora Records

Based in Madrid and founded by producer and recording engineer Gonzalo Noqué, Eudora Records is an independent label whose aim is to capture the finest music performances in the best possible sound quality.

We release a small number of carefully selected recordings each year, taking great pains to ensure we maintain the highest standards in terms of sound quality, musicology and design. We record our world-class artists’ performances as naturally and accurately as possible, working in venues with spacious acoustics which help create transparent, precise and beautiful renditions, captured to perfection using the best audio technology. Our 5-channel surround recordings enhance the listening experience by creating a three-dimensional enveloping sound, while use of the DSD format ensures perfect resolution and vibrancy. Our productions are released on Hybrid Super Audio CD, a format fully compatible with conventional CD players, and can be purchased from our online store. We work with a selected state-of-the-art portable equipment which allows us to capture as natural and truthful as possible the performance and the acoustic quality of the chosen venue. Microphones have been chosen carefully, using only those which produce the most natural and cleanest sound, like Sonodore, DPA, Schoeps and Neumann. Most of the microphones have been modified by Rens Heijnis with a new and improved circuit board so that the power can be supplied by a dedicated power supply. Merging Technologies Horus is used as the microphone preamplifier and AD/DA converter, delivering one of the world’s most sonically transparent amplification and conversion.

In addition to producing SACDs on its own label, Eudora Records offers a wide range of recording services for other labels and for various institutions and musicians.  You can look further at the following website: http://noquestudio.com/en/

You can find specific reviews about the recordings on each album page, but here are some excerpts from what the press has said about our recordings:

“This recording takes the prize for best recorded Steinway D piano in my collection. The sound is crystal clear, capturing every nuance of the performance. […] I am so in love with this piano sound that every other record company recording piano music needs to contract their recording services to Mr. Noqué and allow him to apply his magic for them.”


“As expected the Eudora recording is wonderfully detailed and airy, its timbres true. […] Sonically, […] Eudora’s up-to-the-minute DSD original is streets ahead of the otherwise decent BIS and Hyperion issues.”

MusicWeb International

“It is a mystery how producer and engineer can recruit this level of talent and plumb the depth of acoustical research to deliver recitals like those in these recordings. “

Audiophile Audition

“They are made all the more desirable by the stunning sound on this SACD set from Eudora. I’ve heard a few prior releases from this label and I was enormously impressed with the recorded fidelity that label owner and engineer Gonzalo Noqué has achieved.”

Fanfare Magazine

“This SACD will confirm that the engineers at this label have achieved some rare feng shui. The sound of the perfectly-recorded piano fills the room in which one is positioned three rows back, dead center. “

Audiophile Audition

“Recording of the highest quality. Simply, sound is amazingly natural and full of detail.”


“A warm sound recording that perfectly restitutes the medium and bass frequencies of the instrument, this SACD is a small miracle many will hold on to jealously.”


“Recorded in a stunningly natural surround sound.”