DSD 512, it’s here.

NativeDSD is announcing the availability of its first DSD512 sampler, which includes one track from Ricardo Gallén's album 'En Silencio'.
By NativeDSD  ·  05/11/2019

This higher bit rate DSD 512 tracks are pure DSD created by NativeDSD Mastering Engineer Tom Caulfield. They are not up samplings, for there are no PCM or DXD conversions involved in their production. They are re-modulations of the original DSD 256 encoding modulation that produced the DSD 256 releases.
The sonic advantage to these new Stereo DSD512 tracks, as with all higher DSD bit rate releases, is the wider frequency passband prior to the onset of modulation noise.This results in the listener’s DAC using gentler and more phase linear filters for playback of the music.
This special album made it’s debut at HIGH END 2019 Munich (Official), the world’s largest audio expo during the launch of the new, top of the line Astell&Kern Ultimate High Fidelity Sound System A&ultima SP2000 Portable Player in Copper and Stainless Steel finishes with DSD 512 Stereo playback and the first product to use the new flagship AKM Semiconductor AK4499EQ current output type audio D/A converter.
It is also an album that will bring owners of DSD 512 capable Portable Players and DACs (Digital to Analog Converters) from Chord Electronics, Gryphon Audio Designs, iFi audio, Kitsune HiFi, Métronome Audio, OPPO Digital, Sony Signature, T+A elektroakustik – T+A, Vinnie Rossi and many more audio companies, some amazing DSD 512 listening experiences.

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