Press review

«A recital that bridges the aesthetic worlds of Mozart and Chopin»

Fritz Balwit, Audiophile Audition

Not only interesting, but also a very personal recording which will guarantee a beautiful and enriching experience to any opened-minded listener.

Josep Colom is a veteran Spanish pianist, renowned for his recordings of De Falla, Mompou and Brahms. […] On this recording, he surely enjoys the finest sound engineering of his career as he debuts for a small but outstanding Madrid-based audiophile label, Eudora. […] this project confirms the sonic wizardry of Gonzalo Noque, producer and engineer. […]

We can also imagine what it would have been like for Mozart, 73 years old in 1829, the year of Chopin’s first public appearance (which happened to be in Vienna), to have taken in this evocation of otherworldly beauty. As played so brilliantly by Josep Colom, there is no doubt that this music would have been both intelligible and deeply pleasing to Mozart.[…]

This SACD will definitely reward those willing to suspend normative performance standards in favor of an open-ended and deeply creative approach to a body of work that, perhaps, has become just a bit too familiar and routine.

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