Cecillia Lavilla Berganza


I was fortunate to be born immersed in Music, surrounded by its beauty and excellence.

Hence my passion for dance, theater and arts, all present in my training, full of wonderful experiences. Interior design studies led me to “earn a living” in my youth and learn more about arts.

With a little more maturity I tried singing. It was Isabel Penagos who started the engine with great wisdom and patience, while my father, Félix Lavilla, put his heart and soul in repertoire classes to leave me all his experience and genius. In the last years an intense Lieder work with Manuel Cid. All this supervised by my mother, Teresa Berganza, always encouraging this strength test. With her, in duet recitals, I learned much more about voice and music, styles and dedication.

I could learn about Spanish music fully but also Lieder; French, English and Italian songs; oratorios … and little by little Chamber Music became the basis of my activity. A long time focused on Spanish Music from all territories and periods, which I think is great and beautiful and of which I feel part, because of everything I have been able to learn from it and with it.

Always supported by the teachings of great pianists such Félix Lavilla, Juan Antonio Álvarez Parejo, Aurelio Viribay, Josu Okiñena, among many others, and currently by Miguel Ituarte, I have been able to sing programs of very different styles and enrich myself through a chamber music repertoire.

On the way, important meetings with other musicians such as Tu Shi Ciao, (duo of voices and guitar), Luis Santana, great guitarists such as Gerardo Arriaga or Miguel Trápaga, the Diapente Quartet and many other singers (Pilar Moráguez, Eugenia Boix, José Manuel Montero …) With whom I shared new repertoires and experiences, performing a wide range of chamber works.

Quite a few oratorio works in my career, with Mozart and Pergolesi always present… Not many operas, but all with excellent musicians and teams.

Among my recordings also unforgettable experiences: songs by Víctor Carbajo, integral work for voice and piano by Félix Lavilla, El Maestro de baile and other songs with the Ensemble Elyma and several recordings of live recitals.

And always looking for new challenges at the service of music and culture: a privilege for me.