Press review

«I found myself completely captivated.»

Rushton Paul, Positive Feedback  ·  05/29/2023

“Here is another recently released album from Eudora Records that I commend to you wholeheartedly. I was not sure what to expect when I first queued thus up for a listen, but I found myself completely captivated. Soprano Raquel Lojendio is a gifted songstress. She has a lovely high pure voice with wonderfully expressive skill in the shaping of words and phrases—she is simply captivating. Her accompanist, pianist Irene Alfageme, is just perfect. Two outstanding artists! […] I’ve now listened multiple times to this album, and my enjoyment continues unabated. Lojendio and Alfageme just carry me away. And the sound quality of Raquel Lojendio’s voice as Eudora’s Gonzalo Noqué has captured here is just about as perfect a capture of voice as any I know.”

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