Press review

«Superbly captured timbre.»

Rushton Paul, Positive Feedback  ·  05/29/2023

“Excellently performed in a very satisfyingly understated manner. Nothing flashy, nothing excessive, just expertly performed with an ease and relaxed enjoyment of the music by the performers that I find delightful. […]To top it off, the sound quality is as transparent, open and resolved as one might possibly wish to hear. There is no percussion, no brass, no tinkly bright things or deep things that go boom to grab you attention. For many this will not be an audio spectacular. But it is. Just in a different way. The recording’s spectacular excellence lies in its superbly captured timbre, balance between performers, balance of direct and reflected sound, and extremely low noise. It is truly a recording that sounds like real instruments being performed in a real space.”

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