Press review

«Ricardo’s playing sounds effortless and graceful, with elegant phrasing»

While there are many recordings of Fernando Sor available, this one really stands out. The works featured are among Sor’s finest concert works; the complete “Sonatas” with all movements – The Grande Sonatas opus 22 & 25, Grand Solo op. 14, and the Sonate op. 15. Ricardo’s playing sounds effortless and graceful, with elegant phrasing, stylistic concern, and in service of the music. The guitar employed is a modern reproduction by Arnoldo Garcia of a Fabricatore, arguably one of the most important guitars of the early 19th century. The guitar sounds beautiful in Ricard’s hands; it has the punchy and clear period guitar tone one expects, minus the challenges often encountered on antique guitars. A few highlights are the slow movement of the Grande Sonate op. 22 with bell-like, singing trebles, in a vocal manner expected for Sor’s music, while the rapid arpeggios are executed in an historically-informed manner, with an authenticity of Spanish character reflecting the artist’s heritage from Spain.

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