Press review

«Penetrating readings.»

Rushton Paul, Positive Feedback  ·  02/23/2022

“Trío Arriaga plumb these depths with a brilliant elegance and blending of tone, power and dynamic contrasts. In the first movement, the weight, texture, power, and timbral complexity of Daniel Ligorio’s piano is captured superbly in all the dynamic glory of which this superb Steinway is capable. […] Of the other modern performances I’ve heard that come close to a similar level of intensity, I would point to the 2019 performance by the Smetana Trio. Until Trío Arriaga’s recording, the Smetana had been the modern recording I’d found most compelling in its daredevil no-holds-barred approach to this music. Well, the Arriaga easily match, if not exceed, this intensity and in far better sound quality. It has become my point of reference. […] The sound is exquisite: powerful, delicate, highly detailed, harmonically complex, and with air and extension one dreams to hear in a recording.”

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