And then again, Eudora’s recording is outstanding

After many hours of listening and comparing I have come to the conclusion that Josep Colom doesn’t fit any of the modern stereotypes. He is different. He very much is his own man. […] [These sonatas] demand years of experience and deep understanding of Ludwig van Beethoven, his inner self, his temperament, moods of desolation

It would be hard to imagine more moving and insightful renditions

This 2018 release features Gallén’s remarkable Paco Marin (2003) 19th century-style instrument which, in a spacious room with lively overtones, yields a sweetness of tone especially in the bright upper register.[…] The finest works on this program are probably the two pieces by Leo Brouwer, Suite No. 2 and Dos temas populares cubanos. The composer

It’s an audiophile delight

Is the absorbing nature of the recital the result of the spacious, crystal clear sound? (Really a must for good guitar recitals.) Or is it due to Bin Hu’s pitch-perfect, airy, ductile playing, his innovative transcriptions (taking Bach’s own transcriptions of these works into account as alternate sources), or his historically inspired scordatura tunings? Presumably