Month: January 2023

The players inject a shot of caffeine.

“The players inject a shot of caffeine into the driving rhythms of its first movement, in turn offset by the plaintive Andante where delicately intertwined violins weave textures light as Venetian lace. […] Here, as elsewhere, Infermi d’Amore capture the drama of these theatrical scores with a remarkable range of dynamics, timbres and rhetorical gestures. The players inject a shot of caffeine.

Jordan Fumadó

Born in Tortosa in 1975, Jordan Fumadó studied harpsichord with Jordi Reguant at the Terrassa Conservatory and continued his training at the Den Haag Royal Conservatory with Jacques Ogg and at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis with Andrea Marcon and Jesper Christensen. He has also received training from Rinaldo Alessandrini, Kenneth Gilbert, Pierre Hantaï, Jan Willem Jordan Fumadó

Alejandro Marías

Alejandro Marías is a professor of viola da gamba and baroque cello at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Sevilla, the artistic director of the La Spagna ensemble, and a member of the Francisco de Goya Quartet. He has performed in more than twenty countries with various chamber ensembles. As a soloist, he often performs Alejandro Marías