Gypsy Inspiration

Vicent Morelló, solo flutist of the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra, and Daniel del Pino explore the influence of the gypsy music in the classical repertoire with this exciting programme, ranging from the rhapsodic and sentimental virtuosity of Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen to the  Hungarian folk-inspired lyricism of Béla Bartók’s masterpiece. Captivating and virtuoso performances for  a stunning recording.

01Zigeunerweisen op. 208:20
02La Gitana3:23
03Russisches Zigeunerlied op. 462/23:31
04Fantaisie Nationale Hongroise op. 59/68:18
06Alla Gitana3:54
08Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Chants Populaires Tristes - I.- Rubato0:53
09Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Chants Populaires Tristes - II.- Andante1:25
10Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Chants Populaires Tristes - III.- Poco rubato0:38
11Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Chants Populaires Tristes - IV.- Andante1:09
12Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Chants Populaires Tristes - V.- Scherzo: Allegro0:50
13Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - I.- Allegro0:53
14Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - II.- Allegretto0:35
15Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - III.- Allegretto0:15
16Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - IV.- L'istesso tempo0:49
17Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - V.- Assai moderato0:46
18Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - VI.- Allegretto0:30
19Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - VII.- Poco più vivo0:31
20Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - VIII.- Allegro0:31
21Suite Paysanne Hongroise - Vieilles Danses - IX.- Allegro1:34
22The Little Gypsy5:28
FormatSACD & download versions
Catalogue numberEUD-SACD-1603 (SACD version)
EUD-DR-1603 (Download versions)
Barcode8436551170190 (SACD version)
8436551170206 (Download versions)
Recording dateSeptember 7-10, 2015
LocationConservatorio Profesional de Getafe, Madrid
Original formatDSD256 (11.2MHz)
EquipmentSonodore, Neumann U89i and Schoeps microphones; Merging Horus microphone preamplifier and AD/DA converter; Pyramix Workstation; Sennheiser headphones; Bryston headphone amplifier; Neumann and Amphion speakers.