Moments Musicaux


One of the greatest guitarists of his generation, Petrit Çeku guides us on this wonderful journey through Schubert’s inner world. There are many myths surrounding the great composer’s relationship with the guitar, most of them of spurious origin. Whatever the full truth about Schubert and the guitar, it is easy to understand why some guitarists and composers – such as those featured on this album – were devoted to his music. Çeku brings together Mertz’s outstanding Schubert’s transcriptions with Padovec’s Variations op. 4 and Ponce’s Sonate “Hommage à Schubert”, with utmost sensitivity, transcendence and finesse, a recording for the ages!

Tech Info
SACD & download versions
Original format
DSD256 (11.2MHz)
Recording date
May 17-18, 2022
Auditorio de San Francisco, Ávila
Sonodore LDM-54 & Schoeps microphones; Merging Horus microphone preamplifier and AD/DA converter; Pyramix Workstation; Hifiman headphones; Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers
Catalogue number
EUD-SACD-2401 (SACD version)
EUD-DR-2401 (download version)
8436551170947 (SACD version)
8436551170954 (download version)