Month: October 2022

Rare splendor.

“Here is a double album devoted to the complete Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin by Johann Sebastian Bach, whose sound, recorded in pure DSD is of rare splendor, magnifying the timbres of the baroque violin and the harpsichord. […] With an undeniable complicity, Andoni Mercero and Alfonso Sebastián offer a musical discourse where finesse, rigor Rare splendor.

This is truly a remarkable album.

“This is a truly remarkable album. […] This recording superbly balances the violin and harpsichord in the acoustic space. It is completely transparent, capturing every nuance of timbre, texture, resonance, and attack. […] Alfonso Sebastian plays his instrument with vast technical skill, but also with grace, nuance, delicacy and a sweetness of tone that is This is truly a remarkable album.

Todo en este álbum es excepcional.

“[…] todo en este álbum es excepcional y asombroso: la acústica de la Iglesia de San Miguel de Daroca, la toma de Gonzalo Noqué, la venustidad de los instrumentos, la calidez y la cercanía del sonido… Basta cerrar un instante los ojos para sentirse en medio de este prodigio.”

They rank themselves at the top segment.

“They [Mercero & Sebastián] present these six sonatas with full dedication and conviction, and thus rank themselves at the top segment, with the most important outcome being a fabulous listening experience, enhanced by what the (also) Spanish recording engineer Gonzalo Noqué excels in: making clear and sonorous, perfectly balanced recordings in the favorable acoustic conditions They rank themselves at the top segment.