Month: January 2019

It’s an audiophile delight

Is the absorbing nature of the recital the result of the spacious, crystal clear sound? (Really a must for good guitar recitals.) Or is it due to Bin Hu’s pitch-perfect, airy, ductile playing, his innovative transcriptions (taking Bach’s own transcriptions of these works into account as alternate sources), or his historically inspired scordatura tunings? Presumably It’s an audiophile delight

Hu Bin is unhurried and exact

Hu Bin is unhurried and exact, but there are moments of pure ravishment too.[…] All manner of appoggiatura and acciaccatura are deftly translated to the guitar in nuanced ways.[…]We heartily commend these spectacular recordings to our readers[…]

Here is an essential SACD of classic guitar

Behind the title “Ciaconna” of this SACD is hidden a true marvel of musical inspiration […]. Bin Hu, on the guitar, manages to preserve the soul of the Cantor of Leipzig by exalting his musical discourse, in order to give him a pregnant and unexpected dimension. Here is an essential SACD of classic guitar.