«This SACD is a small miracle many will hold on to jealously.»
By Jean-Jacques Millo ©2014 Opus HD

Review of Fernando Sor: Guitar Sonatas [2014]

First, let us salute the arrival of the Spanish label Eudora to the classical music field. In a layout that is both sober and elegant, the label proposes a DSD recording of the Sonatas for Guitar by Fernando Sor (1778-1839). The Spanish composer, whose biography is relatively little known, “studied at the Escolania of Montserrat between 1790 and 1795,” states Wendy Thompson. “In 1797, his opera “Telemaco” was performed in Barcelone. He remained in his native country during the war in Spain, where he collaborated with the French occupiers, which caused him to seek exile in 1813. He first lived in Paris, where Méhul and Cherubini admired his talent, then in London, where he had much success. He then spent three years in Russia, where he composed his masterpiece, the ballet “Hercules y Onfalia” (1826), on the occasion of the crowning of the Tsar Nicolas 1st.” But, it is above all for his works for guitar that Fernando Sor is most known. Works that are of capitol importance for learning string instruments. Ricardo Gallén literally embraces these Sonatas in a musical flow of extreme sensibility, offering rare and precious nuances. Few recordings devoted to the guitar can claim to posses such intelligent playing. The emotion is tangible, like a watermark on music that is a revelation. A warm sound recording that perfectly restitutes the medium and bass frequencies of the instrument, this SACD is a small miracle many will hold on to jealously.