Mozart & Chopin: Dialogue

Who knows what Mozart and Chopin might have played had they actually come face to face in or around 1830, if the former had not died so prematurely. They might both have improvised on a given theme, or played together on two pianos. And, given the custom of the day, each would very probably have performed something the other had written. Had that happened, the results might not have been that far removed from what we hear on this recording: a journey towards an imaginary encounter made reality by the exceptional vision and artistry of Josep Colom.

Luca Chiantore, from the album’s liner notes.

About the artist
I was born in Barcelona in 1947. Unusually for that period in Spain, music was a big part of our everyday family life, as far back as I can remember. Thanks to this, and the unconditional emotional and financial support I received from my parents, who were not themselves professional musicians, I was able to choose my career path at an early age, and have enjoyed it ever since.
01Fantasy in D Minor, K. 3977:10
02Ecossaise in D Major, Op. 72, No. 11:13
03Rondo in D Major, K. 4855:12
04Ecossaise in G Major, Op. 72, No.20:54
05Gigue in G Major, K. 5741:13
06Prelude in G Major, Op. 28, No. 31:40
07Prelude in B Minor, Op. 28, No. 62:24
08Adagio in B Minor, K. 5409:21
09Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28, No. 42:34
10Waltz in A Minor, Op. 34, No. 25:58
11Prelude in A Major, Op. 28, No. 70:56
12Rondo in A Minor, K. 5119:24
13Mazurka in A Minor, Op. 17 No. 44:26
14Prelude in F Minor, Op. 28, No. 181:09
15Prelude in C Minor, Op. 28, No. 201:51
16Fantasy in C Minor, K. 47513:28
17Ballade in G Minor, Op. 2310:05
FormatSACD & download versions
Catalogue numberEUD-SACD-1402 (SACD version)
EUD-DR-1402 (Download versions)
Barcode8436551170077 (SACD version)
8436551170084 (Download versions)
Recording dateJuly 21-24, 2014
LocationConservatori del Liceu, Barcelona
Original formatDSD256 (11.2MHz)
EquipmentSonodore and Schoeps microphones; Merging Horus microphone preamplifier and AD/DA converter; Pyramix Workstation; Audeze and Sennheiser headphones; Rens Heijnis custom made headphone amplifier; Neumann KH120A speakers.