Fernando Sor: Guitar Sonatas

Fernando Sor’s guitar sonatas rank among the most important compositions in the guitar repertoire, harmonically exquisite, at times full of melancholy and longing, but also lively and virtuosic. Ricardo Gallén, one of the most outstanding guitarists of our time, gives an impressive and stylish rendition of these masterpieces, performing on a copy of a 19th-century Fabricatore guitar by Arnoldo García.

About the artist
Ricardo Jesús Gallén García studied guitar and ancient music at the Universities of Salzburg (Mozarteum) and Munich with the Masters Fisk, Eglhuber, Spiri, Gilbert, Huebscher and Clerch.
01Grande Sonate Op.25 - I. Andante Largo9:02
02Grande Sonate Op.25 - II. Allegro non troppo8:10
03Grande Sonate Op.25 - III. [Theme and Variations]5:52
04Grande Sonate Op.25 - IV. Menuetto: Allegro4:07
05Grande Sonate Op.25 - Sonate Op.15[b]9:24
06Grande Sonate Op.25 - Grand Solo Op.1410:36
07Grande Sonate Op.22 - I. Allegro10:10
08Grande Sonate Op.22 - II. Adagio8:50
09Grande Sonate Op.22 - III. Menuetto: Allegro3:35
10Grande Sonate Op.22 - IV. Rondo: Allegretto5:06
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Catalogue numberEUD-SACD-1401 (SACD version)
EUD-DR-1401 (Download versions)
Barcode8436551170008 (SACD version)
8436551170015 (Download versions)
Recording dateSeptember 5-7, 2013
LocationIglesia de San Miguel, Cuenca
Original formatDSD256 (11.2MHz)
EquipmentSonodore RCM402 and DPA 4006TL microphones; Merging Horus microphone preamplifier and AD/DA converter; Pyramix Workstation; Audeze and Sennheiser headphones; Rens Heijnis custom made headphone amplifier; Neumann KH120A speakers.